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Substances that are added to food to maintain or improve the safety, freshness, taste, texture...


Welcome to our Coatings section! We specialize in providing high-quality coatings ...


Purify air and water effortlessly with our premium Activated Carbon.


Strong, versatile steel for construction and industry.


We have a REACH certificate to deal with titanium dioxide. Here are some models for ...


Welcome to our Durable & Consumer Goods section! We are dedicated to offering a...

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Welcome to CMH HUB


CMH HUB is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of specialty chemicals, steel and other raw materials founded in 1987 in Hong Kong by parent company RICHINA GROUP. It has group companies operating worldwide and offers global expertise in the import and export of chemicals for various industries, such as food, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, construction, cosmetics and many others. In addition to chemicals, it also offers logistics services and technical advice to its customers.

When you drink water, think of its source.

- 飲水思源
Ancient chinese proverb

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High-quality products are essential for customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and loyalty. By prioritizing product quality, businesses can differentiate themselves and build long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

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The Power of Innovation

Innovation drives success by unlocking opportunities, differentiating businesses, improving efficiency, and boosting revenue. Foster an innovative culture and encourage adoption for sustained growth.

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Early adoption provides a competitive edge, enhancing brand recognition and allowing for streamlined processes and improved efficiency. Gain insights and refine offerings. Evaluate risks strategically.

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